Kitchen Companies in Woking

List of Woking based companies offering kitchen design, installations, fittings and suppliers. Links to local showrooms, shops and manufacturers.

Flowright Plumbers Woking are your comprehensive provider for plumbing services to get the job done by giving the best solution to your problems. With our knowledgeable team of plumbing and heating engineers and experts, we can provide sound solutions based on an accurate assessment of your plumbing problem at hand.

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Welcome to Studio One Design, creators of unique kitchens and bathrooms. Whatever atmosphere you wish to create, we are the catalyst to change your vision into reality. Intuitively, you know what you want. You know what will make your living and working space more effective, elegant and unique.

Having been trading for 15 years, we have a huge amount of previous experience and have come up against every imaginable situation. Many of our customers have moved house and are now on to their second or third refurbishment. Often customers start with the kitchen, then move on to the bathrooms and bedrooms. We work hard to satisfy, to ensure the future recommendations of our clients.

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