Kitchen Companies in Liverpool

List of Liverpool based companies offering kitchen design, installations, fittings and suppliers. Links to local showrooms, shops and manufacturers.

Based in Liverpool, Noname is a brand developed by Capricorn Kitchens, which was established to supply high quality kitchens to trade and retail customers in Liverpool, the Northwest and throughout the UK. Capricorn Kitchens unique position in the kitchen market allows Noname to be flexible as well as price and product independent, benefits incurred through economies of scale are passed on directly

UWP Distribution was established in 1989 as a stockist and distributor of timber and sheet materials. Whilst not ceasing to stock this material over a period of time we have invested greatly and developed our handle, lighting and kitchen component ranges. Based in Kirkby and operating out of a 16,000sq ft site we have been able to develop these particular ranges in to one of the most extensive and

Acanthus have designed and made bespoke kitchens for some of the finesthomes in the UK. Acanthus can offer an award winning design service that listens to your needs and desires and beautifully reflects this in our furniture. After the purchase of yourhome the 'kitchen' will be the biggest investment in yourhome and lifestyle and if done correctly will not only add quality and fun to your life every

Our products include full-service standard and custom kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and studys. We specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality components that deliver unmatched style and durability. Cabriolet's excellence make us the ideal resource for total interior systems backed by a single, industry-leading warranty.

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