Kitchen House Limited has been established since 1987. The aim is clear. In today's mass produced society of multiple shopping, people still crave that individual product and, above all else, form and function.

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  • Bournemouth & Poole

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  City Bournemouth
  Postcode BH9 3JU
  Address 116-118 Castle Lane West
  Phone Number 012 0254 6546

From Our Website

Since our founding in 1987, Kitchen House has provided new kitchens ranging from fixed budget kitchens to much larger and more complex designer kitchens. As a local business rather than a national chain, we've always relied on a good reputation within the area to sustain us. We always take the time to make sure that you're completely happy with what we've installed. A high portion of our work has come from prior recommendation. There are lots of national chains who offer kitchens, and it might seem like they're the first place you should look.

Our photos will give you an idea of the sort of kitchens we can offer, but it's difficult to get a proper feel from photographs. Here at our showroom, we can show you exactly what your new kitchen could look like. Not only that, but our features are fully functioning - you can cook on the hobs, try the extractor fans and check the fridge temperatures. Even our sinks and taps are plumbed in to give you a feel of how your kitchen could work. The showroom is easily accessible, with parking available on site.

Selecting a new kitchen in a showroom is very well and good, but getting it put together in your own home can seem like a nightmare. Kitchens are much more complex than they appear at first: think of the number of water systems, electrical systems and even gas systems which are all needed in a kitchen, and all of which need to work smoothly together. Getting them all to work safely and efficiency is a serious undertaking even for a small kitchen. This is where we come in. We will supply all of the necessary trades to ensure that your kitchen is fitting.

If you're looking for a kitchen which will really stand out and become a focal point, call us today. We are stockists of Mereway kitchens, all of which can be tailored to your needs. And if you're working with a large budget, this gives us the opportunity to create something very impressive. Using fittings and furniture from Mereway, one of the leading kitchen manufacturers, our expert designers will create a unique kitchen for your home. The best way to find out more about the high-end Mereway kitchens which we offer is to visit us.

You might be wondering what makes us stand out from other companies, particularly the national chains. It's easy to assume that some of the large chains will offer you a kitchen which is cheaper than an independent retailer. Sometimes this can be the case, but the difference isn't what you might think: sometimes a national chain will be able to offer you something cheaper, but by a few hundred pounds rather than thousands. Because of the impersonal nature of their businesses, the small saving is unlikely to reflect the difference in quality.

As one of the most used and consequently most subjected to wear areas of your kitchen, a worktop needs to be as strong as possible. It must also be noted that a worktop physically takes up a significant portion of your kitchen. If it looks unattractive, the chances are that your entire kitchen is going to be affected. Therefore we offer a wide range of worktops which are both aesthetically pleasing and tough enough to take hard use for a long time. If aesthetics are paramount, a quartz worktop is the best option for you.

Kitchen House is committed to ensuring that all of the equipment which we supply is of the best quality. The ovens which we offer are sourced from market leaders, renowned for efficiency, safety and superior functionality. We'll take care of all necessary installation.